Agricultural -

Excluding pole barns, if you are planning on constructing an agricultural building, we recommend our experts here at Coker & Company, because they are highly efficient in planning, designing, and installing a vast array of structures. Seeing as we have generations of experience, we offer but are not limited to the following agricultural building types: barns, riding arenas, fodder & feed storage, and equipment housing.The appearance of your building is important to us; which is why all Coker & Company agricultural buildings include the same upgraded trim and closure package as our commercial buildings, at no additional cost to you! We feel that every Coker & Company building should have the same attractive trim and weather resistance, regardless of what the structure is being used for. If you have additional questions or inquiries, please reach out to us!

Commercial -

Pre-engineered commercial buildings have become a standard form of construction throughout the commercial building industry. Coker & Company has the experience and knowledge to assist you, from initial design to completion of your commercial project. Today we are able to take advantage of the basic concepts of pre-engineered commercial buildings (speed and low cost) and use them to build structures that meet and exceed industry standards. Our design experts can help you utilize these basic concepts and incorporate them into your project. You will be amazed at the reduction in costs and the time saved when you use Coker & Company on your commercial project. Along with the advances in design capabilities for pre-engineered commercial buildings, there has also been tremendous developments in products to support the commercial construction market. To better enhance your building, our inventory includes a multitude of alternative products and additions that add that little extra to your commercial project.

Self Storage -

Coker & Company will help you get your storage project started with our design and layout teams. Regardless the use of your storage facility, Coker & Company will provide you with the most efficient and economical design. From a simple mini-storage facility, for RV’s, boats or warehouse storage, to the more complex buildings, Coker & Company will provide the solution for your storage needs. By implementing the latest technology available, our single or multi-story Climate Controlled facilities with our insulated panel systems provide the best protection for items requiring strict temperature control.

Shop & Utility -

Whether your shop and utility building is going to be used in the commercial or residential district use or as a repair facility/garage for your vehicle, boat, or RV, Coker & Company has many options available to help you with your design and layout. Call one of our Building Specialists so we can assist you through the planning and development process from the beginning to the completion.

Aviation -

Coker & Company is proud to offer several styles of frame systems that are designed to not only maintain maximum serviceability, but have a tasteful and aesthetic appeal as well. All buildings we construct are made with the choicest materials, using industrial grade equipment.

Past Plan Designs

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