Building Plan Designs

Coker & Company is a true custom homebuilding company. We work with clients on all aspects of construction: from plan conception & design to the finishing touches. This includes areas that are often overlooked by other builders such as water wells, rural utility infrastructure, or even lot/acreage selection. In order for a builder to have an effective and productive relationship with their clients, the builder must care enough to educate himself on the needs and desires of the homeowners; as well as accurately evaluate their wish list versus their target cost. With our extensive industry knowledge and flare for creative solutions, our design team has yet to encounter a problem (or what is deemed an obstacle) that they were not able to overcome.

Here’s what to expect when you recruit our professional design services:

Budget Balancing

Site Assessment

Material Procurement

Project Management

Customized Plan-set | Design

Permitting Mediation

Logistical Overview

Inspection Assurances

Labor Management

Coding/Zoning Compliance

Adhering to the true spirit of customization, we work hand in hand with our clients during the entire design process to ensure absolute satisfaction and project progression. Covering all facets of the design process, from the hardware used to cinch everything together to the trim used to button the structure up, our attention to detail is one of the most valued benefits you’re privy to when Coker & Company is at the reins of your building’s design.