Coker building coker-stone-sign

Our Roots

Brad Coker is an appreciator of the art of constructing. He admires a mortis and tenon joint from a century-old building, he sees the beauty of a perfectly square corner or the pleasing silhouette of varying rooflines against a blue sky. His genuine love for the art translates into a sturdy and well-built home for you because he makes the effort to find conscientious and competent crew members for every stage of construction and he's involved in every step of the process.
Brad's interest in building began as a kid in Fairfield, Texas, and led him into the construction industry, where he has run his business since 2004. He’s good at it and it shows - he has been recognized by the Hood County Builders Association with multiple winning entries in the annual Showcase of Homes and was the Hood County News Readers' Choice Best Builder/Developer Runner up in 2017.

Our Name

He’s personable and easy to work with and has a deep well of plain old common sense, although clients might be subjected to comments like, “That's crookeder than a snake’s elbow.” (He really said that!) You won't ever find him in a rush to grab your check and get to the bank; he’ll sit down and talk to you and make sure all questions get answered and all concerns are discussed.
Along with horse sense and a love of building, Brad’s folks instilled in him great respect for education and community. He got a degree from the University of Texas at Tyler and he makes a special effort to know local building codes and ordinances, current construction trends and up-to-date industry research on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our Way

For the last few years, Brad has held a seat on the Hood County Builders Association Board. Coker & Company stays involved with local events. Since 2011, the company has sponsored the Memorial Day Field of Flags which provides financial benefit for local veterans and their families. He personally donated a huge amount of time, money and energy to the US Veterans Memorial Museum before its relocation. Coker & Company is frequently represented at community events, lending a hand, making a donation or just goofing around keeping things happy.
The high standards and superior quality that Coker & Company brings to every project couldn't be achieved without constant workflow management and attention to detail. This is provided by Mary Kay, the office manager and probably the world's most organized person. She has been in the construction industry for fifteen years and has kept things moving along at Coker & Company for the last seven years.

Coker & Company is not the biggest builder around and doesn’t strive to be. Brad and Mary Kay enjoy getting to know their clients and building the best house they can. The motto they live by is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Give them a call at their office in Granbury and find out how their team can work for you.